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His Undying Lust (The Kingdom of the Night, Book 1) (Gay Vampire Erotica)

25 pages23 minutes


Rick is a vampire hunter on a brutal quest for vengeance. His latest mission is to take down Michael Drake, a blood-sucker posing as a wealthy CEO. When Rick's plans begin to crumble, he finds himself at the mercy of a creature who craves more than blood!


I began to feel a gnawing fear building within my flesh, as I shouted curses at myself. I had hundreds of missions under my belt, and yet I had so easily allowed myself to be placed in a position of complete submission. Despite my frenzied struggle, I couldn't help acknowledging that I had a growing thirst to experience the enemy. My head began to spin with confusion, but regardless of my own doubts and curiosity, I knew that there was no way to escape Drake's thirst for satisfaction.

He smirked as his fingertips graced across my bare skin, finding the spot between my ribs that always sent a quivering pleasure through my core. He must have seen the way my eyes began to roll underneath his touch as he allowed his focus to remain on my flesh. He stared into my eyes and continued to tease me beneath his fingertips.

“You seem so nervous,” he whispered. “Just give yourself over to the pleasure.” He leaned forward and pressed his warm lips against mine. His tongue slide between my teeth as I released myself into his desire. He pulled back and offered a comforting smile.

“Besides, you're not going anywhere now.”

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