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A Player's Guide for Mass Effect 3

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A Player's Guide for Mass Effect 3 is a walk through guide.

When you first begin playing Mass Effect 3, you must make a few decisions. These decisions will affect the gender/sex of Commander Shepard. You can also bring your old character from the previous game.

The next decision you have to make will drastically change your experience when playing Mass effect 3. You will have three modes to choose from. They are Action, Role Playing, and Story.

The Action mode, will allow you to minimize the story side of the Mass Effect 3 universe, there will be no dialogue options or customization options.

The Story mode, will allow you to experience the depth of Mass Effect 3’s storyline with the ability to choose your own dialogues. You will have the option to customize Shepard’s appearance and select the class you want. Also in this mode Combat is easier, therefore, allowing you to experience the story to its full extent.

Role Playing
This is the most famous Mass Effect 3 mode. This mode is for those who want a balanced experience of both Story and Action.. It includes dialogue options and decent combat experience.

Unless you choose the Action mode, you will now have the option choose your Psychological Profile and Class. The class you choose will determine the weapons and power you receive. Psychological Profile affects some minor dialogue options.

You will be requested to convene with the committee. The committee will be debating on what step should be taken. But they were too late, European front is under attack and apparently there is no time to prepare.

The Reapers have started their invasion already. Therefore, the discussion ends quickly, and you see Reapers appear outside the chambers window...

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