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Rough Ride Unbridled (Western Erotica)

36 pages34 minutes


If a fool and his money are soon parted, Annie is all too happy to help quicken that process along. Never staying in one town for too long, Annie has swindled and grifted her way to an infamous reputation in the Wild West as a charming but cunning outlaw. Having yet to meet her equal, Annie doesn't think twice about duping a handsome young sheriff into helping her out of a sticky situation, but when he finds out she's tricked him, he's determined to watch her every move. Has Annie finally found her match?

Handsome, strict, and quick to anger, Sheriff Thomas has worked hard to protect his sleepy little town from the corrupt, lawless barrens that surround it. When he realizes a well known outlaw has come to town, he's determined to keep his community from being just one more notch on her belt. She's more confident, flippant and ruthless than most folks he's encountered, and Thomas finds himself drawn to her instantly. He has his eye on her, and does he like what he sees?

Includes anal sex, choking, and rough riding in this 7,800 word sizzling western erotica.

Warning: this story contains explicit sex scenes and is intended for mature audiences only.


Annie raised her hand to tuck a loose curl of hair back behind her ear. The sheriff seized her slender wrist in his tight grip. He yanked her to him, and when she breathed deeply, her breasts pressed hard against his broad chest. This time, when she stared into his eyes, she saw something flicker behind the anger, but she couldn’t quite identify such a wild look.

“I told you when we first met,” he said. “I don’t brook with trouble in my town nor the strangers who may bring it with them.”

Annie lowered her voice to a whisper. “If I see any trouble, Sheriff, I shall let the offender know straight away.”

“Do not play games with me, Annie.” He lowered his voice as well, and Annie felt herself powerlessly pulled in to hear his every word.

The sheriff’s grip on her wrist drew so tight that Annie had to grit her teeth together to prevent from crying out at the sharp pain. Everything seemed like it was spinning very quickly out of control. That wild look in his eyes intensified, and Annie felt a familiar stirring and tugging deep inside herself.

“Unhand me, Tom,” she commanded. Her voice matched the same malice dripping from his. “You do not know who you are dealing with, but I must assure you that should this proceed much further, you are about to find out.”

Thomas yanked her closer to him and squeezed her wrist harder, which Annie immediately took as a challenge and one that she was about to accept. The heat of the moment rose so quickly that Annie felt almost dizzy with the conflicting emotions and sensations bubbling up within her.

In a rush of the moment, Annie used her spare hand to slap the lawman as hard as she could across the face. The palm of her hand smarted where it had struck his face, and she knew that his cheek must have been stinging far worse. At that moment, she recognized what she saw his eyes—lust, and in that instant Annie realized it was a feeling mirrored within her.

She tangled her hand in his short hair and pulled him to her. Annie tilted her head back, and his lips were on hers. The force of it felt like she had been swept up in an explosion, and her breath escaped her.

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