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The League of Super Heroes HQ is under attack! A Super Hero went missing last night. Looks like someone is out for blood... someone is killing heroes... but who!? Who amongst you has turned from Super Hero to Super Villain?

It’s time to suit up and take control of this evil once and for all. The fate of the world is at stake. Will the good guys be victorious in sniffing out the tyrants? Or will the evil Super Villains secret pact be the end of world peace?

In League of Super Heroes: Enter the FREEZE, the battle rages on as the Mastermind and his villains have gained the upper hand, but the Super Heroes aren’t out just yet. Looks like reinforcements are on the way as heroes like Freeze Man enter the scene to put evil on ICE.

Special Note: This Party Game is a standalone expansion and includes a full newly updated from the original game manual and also includes the full version of League of Super Heroes 2 plus all new updated character sheets. If you have or intended to purchase this game, it is NOT required that you purchase the original.

Published: Celeste Ayers on
ISBN: 9780991766413
List price: $3.49
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