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In Decline

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You're going down... In fact you're at an all-time low. You need help, because the only way you can get back up is by taking the advice of a professional.
Your story... your downfall... told from your own perspective, in verse form, and from the perspective of your 'consultant', in prose...
Warning... don't try this at home...!
In Decline , by Stanski, is basically a collection of poetic passages that follow a similar theme; that of decline... declining standards, declining attitudes, declining natural conditions... The concepts, introduced in verse format, are backed-up and supported by passages of prose, to form a 'case history', which attempts to explain the downfall of the 'client' ( who, on the one hand, could be an individual person, or society in general, and on the other, the planet we inhabit, or the whole of creation...).
The metaphors will be applied and interpreted, and the questions raised will continue long after the 'consultation' has ended...

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