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Conversations at Night

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Part 1 - (1965-1974) Drugs, Sex and Violence.
"Danny was stoned, wired and bored. It was nearly midnight. He was fully dressed and standing in the middle of his room trying to decide what to do."

Part 2 - (1972-1974) A man wants to be remembered.
Fred shuffles his feet, kicking clothes out of his way and heads out through the dark trailer feeling his way along the hall, past the bathroom, the small bedroom, and into the the living room.

Part 3 - (Before 1965) Profiles in Courage.
The night was pitch black. No moon. No stars. The wind was so powerful I had trouble staying on my feet as I ran. But I ran. From dark place to darker place I kept moving, hoping for safety. If anyone was following me I couldn't see them and with all the wind noise I had no chance of hearing them. Just keep running I told myself.

A three part look at Life, Art, and Civilization; Arkansas style.

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