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Introduction to my book "WHY ME?". What do you do when bad things happen? When bad things happen in your life you ask questions like 'why me?'. How do you cope with all the stress caused by bad things, like an illness, divorce, job loss, grief, despair, crime, abuse, tragedy, suicide, accidents and many more...

Have you ever asked yourself the questions 'why me?', 'why does God allow pain and suffering?' or 'why do bad things happen?'? If your answer is YES then you might want to read the book "WHY ME?" and find answers and more information about stressful events that can happen in your life.

Learn how to deal with bad things and how to cope with it. Learn about the emotional stages you experience when bad things happen and learn to be a survivor.

You don't need to be a victim you can be a survivor!

Published: Marlize Schmidt on
ISBN: 9781301617395
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