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Diabetes Control -6 Steps to Gaining Complete Control over Diabetes

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There are two types of diabetics. Group one is composed of those that simply want to take a pill and/or injection, go to their doctor as scheduled, and are not interested in putting effort into improving their control over diabetes. They feel no pain, so they surmise that nothing serious is going on.
This book is for the second group; that want to know more about diabetes, to understand what is going on in their body, and how to interpret their symptoms. They seek to improve control over diabetes, and are willing to invest in themselves and exert the extra effort necessary to stop the progression of damage.
The first group are disappointed in this book; there are no magic pills for diabetes. They post negative reviews for this book. The second group stops the progression of damage that diabetes causes, and add many productive healthy years to their life. They post raving reviews for this book. Some claim that this book saved their life.
Good, helpful, and understandable information on diabetes is very difficult to find. Doctors and educators lack the time to teach all that should be taught; insurance will not pay for it.
This 6 step program is easy to understand, and is easy to apply; a step-by-step program that enables diabetics to learn:
The cause of diabetes. How lifestyle and dietary errors have led to the manifestation of diabetes.
How the body produces glucose, how it enters the bloodstream, how the body manages it, and how diabetes messes with that process.
You will learn how to identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies and how to restore them.
Learn what amino acids, hormones, and enzymes are, what they do, and why they are so important.
Learn why diabetics are dehydrated, how it impacts blood sugar control, and how to fix it.
Learn how to change your diet, what to eat, and what not to eat, and why different foods are good or bad for diabetics. Then learn about the glycemic index table, how to use it, and how to plan a balanced meal plan.
Learn how your blood type impacts diabetes and diet; which foods are helpful or detrimental to health based upon blood type.
Learn how an exercise program can help manage diabetes, burn body fat, and can be used to reverse diabetic damage.
Learn how diabetes causes weight gain, how the body manages and stores fat, why diabetes makes weight loss so complicated, and how to permanently lose stubborn belly fat.
Learn how the immune system works, how diabetes causes an imbalance in immune function, and how to re-balance your immune system and restore full function.
Learn how the body’s major organs work, how diabetes messes with each of them, and how to take care of them.
Learn what AGE’s and A1c are and how to manage them.
Learn why diabetics are highly prone to hypothyroidism, Candida (yeast), and parasite infestations, how to diagnose your symptoms to see if you have them, and how to treat them.
Lower your risk of heart disease or stroke, how the body produces cholesterol, and how to lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and triglycerides,
Understand why your body does what it is does, how to fix it, and how to discuss health issues accurately with a doctor;
This book has been used extensively as the textbook in diabetes classes for over 4 years. Attendees report a 98% improvement in their A1c, blood sugar control, weight control, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Most significantly reduce their number of medications and dosages. Some attendees claim that the book saved their life.

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