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The Boy in the Ravine

285 pages4 hours


Two nearly identical photos of a suicide scene yield a single anomaly; one that investigator Sam Hunter believes will disprove a case for suicide.

The body of a wealthy businessman’s son is found at the bottom of a ravine at the affluent Haldane Academy. Sam Hunter, an investigator for the prestigious Blackwell International Security Services, is tasked to investigate the death despite a preliminary investigation by the Academy’s Security Force ruling the death a suicide. Something in their investigation just doesn’t fit in Sam’s mind. The undercover assignment carries the detective into the dark halls of the Academy where few souls can be trusted. During the investigation, Sam finds a cohort in Arlie Shank, a Security Officer whose simple integrity goes a long way in helping uncover clues into the tragic death.

The Boy in the Ravine is an exciting novel that keeps the reader guessing through intricate plot twists to discover the truth behind the boy’s death.

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