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Golden Dreams

512 pages10 hours


Dane Bradley is a wild and street smart and he has spent many nights in the county jail. He finds a crate filled with pure Columbian cocaine night fishing on Gaspirilla Island and falls prey to the lure of easy money. While working as head of security at a strip club he is set up by one of the dancer's and sent to one of the most violent prison's in Florida for five years. He must learn to live with white supremacists, racists, mental patients and desensitized guards.But he also meets a man of God inside who helps him to discover his true self. After his release Dane get's a job as a bartender at a local hangout. One night an old drunken fisherman flips him a coin and it turn's out to be a gold doubloon. So begins an adventure in SW Florida that includes; a sunken Spanish galleon,pirates and a huge great hammerhead shark called ole Hitler.Dane's journey is a fast paced roller coaster ride of gritty real life drama.

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