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Journey of the Human Psyche

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Do a simple exercise and the next time you think of someone labeling you or someone else you love, think of at least one thing you can say to them to counteract what they are saying. By being assertive yet emphasizing the good things about yourself in your persona you gain confidence. Your psyche will relay you to the vast adaptation and timeless wisdom innate in the universe.

This will calm you and you will release tension. Begin anew.

To counteract some of this thinking such as worrying about the future and its negative consciousness flow your mind with positivity. Say "Begone" and allow the positives to generate in ur mind. think of positive words and generate a follow image. think "ice cream" if it elicits a happy image with no negativity. don't think of negative thoughts or guilt.

think of rainbows. it is a natural occurance and it is a gift, there is nothing but blue skies and precious beauty of nature from the rainbow and all you have to do is see the beauty in it.

you can tell that you are experiencing anxiety with negative labels. allow them to pass when you see a bad event happening, such as on tv, when you see the news. try to avoid it. only look at things the tv when you are rested or if someone happens to mention it if you are in a well rested mood and keep it to 15 to 20 minutes minimum no more or your mind will relapse.

You need release.

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