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The physical world is a result. The intellectual world is the reason; the mental world is the urge reason. The spiritual world, these are the materials from which this reason wants to create something. The laws are in the spiritual world; into the physical world we have the results. Instigator reason, laws and results – are the consequences.

Where will you put the fact, where will you place the law and where will you put the reason? The reason is above in the head, the law is in the lungs, the fact is inside the stomach. It is because under the current conditions at first the fact should come. Under the word "fact" you ever need to understand that the fact is true, the law is wisdom, the instigator reason is love. Ever the fact induced the truth, the truth – wisdom, the wisdom - love. If you sow a seed, love and wisdom come to grow it.

There is a law: every thing that is true on the physical plane, everything that is true in the spiritual world, and every thing that is true in the divine world, ever give power to man. There is acquisition. Anything that is not true on the physical plane, anything that is not true in the spiritual world, and every thing that is not true in the divine world, brings a loss. Once you lose, things are false. Once a gain, one thing is true on the physical plane, it is true in the spiritual world; it is true and the divine world.

There is order, there are laws. Does the law make people happy? For horse (‘’law’’ in syllables in Bulgarian) – it is a game of words. Well what about the one that does not have a horse? "Law" means to get on the horse, the horse to carry you. Well, without a law, do you have to go walking on foot? I reflect otherwise. Which is better in the world: with law or without law? Should you be with a horse or without a horse? If you have a horse, they will steal it and if they steal it, you will mourn. If you are without a horse, you will trust on your feet. Then it is better without a horse. All the misery of the people is that they have learned to walk with a horse. Now this is not a new idea, it is an old idea, no horse to go. You say: "How?" "Lawless" is said (again a game of syllables in Bulgarian – ‘without horse’). Of course – it is better without horse. You call the one who walks without a horse "lawless" and with a horse – you call him "noble." Where have you acquired this stuff? The horse is noble, but not the rider.

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