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Seals of Creation (book 1) Awakening

906 pages16 hours


Twenty year cycles ago the Galactic Unity was ripped apart by one of its own founding races, the Illumarian’s. Since then the Illumarian’s now dubbed “Betrayers” have blazed a fiery path of destruction across the galaxy. Based on the need to survive; the remaining free worlds have banded together to form a makeshift alliance called the United Galactic Force. The world of Tetra Prime has become the official capital for the U.G.F. The greater Betrayer War rages on unchecked across the galaxy. Quest, a cadet fresh out of military training on Tetra Prime finds he is destined to play a pivotal role in the preservation of all life and creation itself. Almost immediately after graduating he and his best friend Wildcard get unwittingly ensnared in a chain of events that begins with the kidnapping of Aurora, the daughter of Alumnus Azurak who is the supreme commander of Tetra Primes most influential nation, Unesta. The events that Quest and his companions endure in this first book chronicle the beginning of a struggle that will literally, figuratively and philosophically determine the fate of the Universe in its entirety.
A litany of unique characters, otherworldly beings, richly imaginative environments, advanced technology and searing struggles will enchant and horrify your imagination along the way in this modern science fiction action adventure experience.

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