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The Caring Sheriff

Length: 361 pages5 hours


Millie’s Life Lesson #7 - If you care enough you may get the very best.

Sheriff Millie’s county is facing an invasion of binge drinking riotous college students. As bad as this is, what comes next is much worse. The naked body of a young woman is found beside a rural road. Millie’s team soon finds the crime is one of a string of serial murders reaching outside her jurisdiction.

Millie’s team is the first to connect the murders and the investigation points to a widespread evil. It’s a case that puts Millie and her deputies’ lives in peril. To add to Millie’s burden, this case comes at a time when events in her personal life make this case “hit home”. She comes to understand this is a case only her team will solve because she is the one who cares the most. Innocent lives are at stake and time is not their friend.

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