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Sweet Jasmine, Cakes and Magic

Length: 588 pages16 hours


If you enjoy supernatural chick-lit, then you'll love this magical novel. Follow the life of Adrianna Jasmine, the witch from London who loves to bake, hates the thought of love and has a cat called Jupiter 10. You can cook Adrianna's delightful recipes, which you discover at the beginning of each chapter. However, be warned in places this novel is darker than a rich chocolate mousse.

The recipes and thought provoking quotations at the start of each chapter, make the book really original and fun. These provide an extra dimension to this already multi-layered book. Most who read Sweet jasmine describe it as an entertaining romp of a novel. The adventures of Adrianna Jasmine Poppleapple Mariposa Forthright-Punch are not to be missed!"

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