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Gabriel's Daughter

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Veronique has lived on the streets of Londo since she was eight years old. Cold. Hungry. In constant danger of being arrested. Three days before her eighteenth birthday, she sees an announcement for auditions for a new Citizen Symphony. This is her big chance. She might be a rough-edged street rat, but she can play piano like a professional. And in three days, she will be eligible to apply.

But staying out of trouble for three days is a real challenge. Her mentor is murdered. When thugs accost her, a mysterious man with a cane intervenes. He claims to have known her father. He opens his opulent Londo home to her, but forbids her to audition. It is far too dangerous.

Veronique must decide what to do. Give up her dream and her independence? Or remain in the only real home she has ever known and with a man whose secrets intrigue her? Her heart says stay. Her head says run...

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