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"Outlaws of the Marsh" is a long hero saga, it is one of the masterpieces of ancient Chinese river novels, it is created out of clues of the story of Song Jiang uprising. Song Jiang uprising occurred in the North Song Dynasty, " Songshi" and " Huizong of the century", "Hou Meng Chuan", "Zhang Shu Ye Biography" and others have documented. Starting from the Southern Song Dynasty, Song Jiang uprising story had been spreaded in folklore, "Drunkard talk " records a number of independent legends about the Water Margin heroes, "Song Xuan and Romance" linked many Water Margin stories, and it is very close to the river novel. There were many Water Margin drama in Yuan Dynasty and a group of Liangshan heroes appear as image stage. "Outlaws of the Marsh " is the story of Song Jiang civil uprising on the basis of long-term spread in civil society and absorbs the nutrition of folk literature . "Outlaws of the Marsh" is one of the people’s favorite classic long vernacular novels. It was produced from the Ming Dynasty to the Song, Yuan stories about Water Margin, and then on the basis of drama, finished by the author’s creation.The book takes a peasant uprising led by Song Jiang as the main theme, artistically reproduces the tragic picture of ancient Chinese people against oppression and the heroic struggle. Works fully exposes the decadent feudal ruling class and its cruelty, exposing the sharp opposition of the social contradictions and the cruel reality of "forcing people to rebel," successfully portrays Lu Zhishen, Li Kui, Wusong, Linchong, Ruan Xiaoqi and a number of heroes figure. With plot twists, vivid language, distinctive character, the fiction gets a high degree of artistic achievement. But the work praises and beautifies Song Jiang, advocating the "loyalty" and "punishment", which shows severe limitations.

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