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Enough to Miss Christmas: A Story of Family Love

Length: 561 pages9 hours


“How much do you love me, little sister? More than apple pie and ice cream, as much as summer vacation?” Or, the ultimate; Enough to Miss Christmas. Sarah remembers her idyllic childhood when all was simple and guilt was erased with a swat and a hug. When love comes later in life those growing up times become a benchmark to follow with the newly formed household she inherits. Enough to Miss Christmas chronicles family love, love between Sarah and Paul, but mostly the intense adoration shared between a stepmother and the complex precocious twelve year old girl she has rescued from a cloistered existence. How do you teach someone who has never visited a mall, watched TV or had a friend? If you’re forty and inherit the responsibility, you display the same unquestioned love of your childhood; until mirroring that upbringing becomes an obsession with your pupil. Karen is eager to embrace how “regular people” live, but unwilling to say those three words or call her teacher mother. Thus begins an education, of both. Snuggled in the love chair, a garage sale purchase, Karen forms an honesty pact with candid and earthy Sarah. No more lies or mysteries; only unfettered access to each other’s secrets and finally each other’s trust.Other books by R.E.DerouinDavid Dean Mystery SeriesTime Trial 1999San Juan Solution 2000 Mountain Ice 2002Dead on the Fourth of July 2003Skip Case 2004Bail Out 2008Also: Enough to Miss Christmas 2011Crime Time 2013

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