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While walking the Westmorland hills, Matthew Rowan encounters Amanda, mistress of Cragside, a cottage nestled deep in a fold between high fells. It seems like the ideal refuge from a world gone mad, but the house sits at the epicentre of a magnetic anomaly, and has a reputation for playing strange tricks on the mind of anyone who sleeps there.

There's also something peculiar about Amanda, who calls herself Beatrice and leads a secretive life dressed in Victorian costume. When Matthew accepts her invitation to spend the night, little does he know, the chain of events about to unfold. The Lavender and the Rose is love story, a spiritual odyssey and a psychological mystery. Could it be that this lost little valley holds the secret to the true nature of human identity, and reality itself?

The Lavender and the Rose is a full length novel, not a taster or a teaser. Get it now while it's still free.

Published: Michael Graeme on Oct 30, 2013
ISBN: 9781310251412
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