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Adventurous Vacations

Length: 40 pages35 minutes


M.P. Clifton’s “Adventurous Collection” of erotica expands with the fifth and latest volume, “Adventurous Vacations.” Four new short stories offer the reader an intimate peek into the lives of couples and threesomes who enjoy sexual adventures while on holiday. Exotic locations and intriguing circumstances combine to paint highly charged images of exploration and lust.
Eva’s long golden hair has been one of her defining characteristics. But, when she and Drew spend a week in a villa on a tropical island, her perspective changes in a dramatically unexpected way. The couple’s transformation fuels taboo desires that shock them.

A long hike in Vancouver brings Lindsey and Phil back to their hotel aching and drained. Seeking quick refreshment, the couple grabs a few drinks at the lobby bar where they encounter a friendly bartender named Meg. Recognizing the couple’s need for relief, Meg offers her services as a licensed masseuse. What follows surprises and satisfies Lindsey, Phil and even Meg.

Cassie and Jerry Barrow have convinced their close friend, Karen, to join them on a cruise to Bermuda. The ship is only hours out of port before the trio begins to explore and expand the boundaries of their friendship. Teasing glimpses of bodies, sly remarks and a little too much alcohol set into motion the shared intimacy each secretly desires. And, as Jerry realizes, this is just the first evening of a seven-night excursion.

Caribbean Condo
Polly, Mark and Stacy feel like they are in paradise as they bask in the hot Caribbean sun outside the rented vacation home high atop this small mountainous island. Wishing to avoid tan lines, Stacy pushes Polly to sunbathe topless. When Mark awakens, he is stunned by the much improved view. What transpires over the balance of the torrid afternoon is something that none could have imagined and certainly changes the dynamic of their relationship.

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