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Pleasures in the Deep, Book 2

Length: 21 pages13 minutes


Warning! This is a story about women and/or men having sex with dinosaurs. It has been written for the pleasure and entertainment of the reader. Sexual encounters within this story are graphic in nature and may be considered disturbing to some, and erotic to others. Read at your own risk, or enjoy at your own pleasure.

A sequel to Magic of the Dimetrodon

The U of D gang is transported back into prehistoric times and begins to figure out their place in their new world.

After escaping the dimetrodon, surviving an encounter with the trilobites, and helping the plesiosaurus couple to mate, Karey is pulled deeper into the ocean’s depths by a giant squid. Identifying himself as Samuel, he binds her with his tentacles and explains that he must test her for his king.

What is this test?

Who is this king?

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