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Shades of Brown

Length: 165 pages2 hours


Jaylene Johnson’s profound observation is about to change her young life in many unexpected ways. She is about to embark on a personal journey that will touch thousands of lives, not in the least, her own life.
Jay’s view of people and race, inspire her to create a special project which will allow people to see for themselves that we as human beings are more alike than different. Jay, her best friend Micky, as well as Jay’s bully, Jacob form a team to change people’s views.
Coupled with a most interesting mid-term assignment involving research for a pictorial family tree, the friends explore family history. They learn stories about their ancestors which include a runaway slave, a World War II airman, a bootlegging grandma and circus performers.
“Shades of Brown” is about a young girl’s determination to help make a better world by trying to change age old perceptions and the personal growth she achieves in the process.

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