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The Heart of Dark Passage

195 pages3 hours


Drifting cowhand Wick Hailey asks directions from rancher Callie Barnes and his visit stirs something of unexpected interest in the young widow as she points the way to her neighbors spread. At the sprawling JM Ranch, Wick finds himself in the middle of a tense marital dilemma. Elegantine Mayhew the beautiful socialite wife from back east is definitely out of place in the tough Panhandle country. Her rough-cut yet kindly husband finds a place for Wick but the cowboy can’t stay away from Callie’s company for long despite Elegantine’s seductive advances. The brewing sexual tension is bound to boil over and before long it explodes into a sudden tragedy that places Wick in a perilous situation, the root of which runs a whole lot deeper than it appears. To save himself and prove his innocence Wick must travel a dark journey, the heart of which is enshrouded in deceit and danger.

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