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The Ultimate Law of the Creator

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Have you ever heard others tell you that you must-
Lose your Ego?
Quiet Your Mind?
Change Your Thoughts?

Did they ever really teach you a clear and concise way to go
about doing this?

Have you been taught that the only way to meditate effectively
and properly; you must shut off your mind?

Have you ever tried it?

Did it work?

These are all the problems that I ran into when I first began
my journey to Spiritual Awareness.

What I found was; it isn't about trying to get rid of or push
aside any part of ourselves, but rather, learning to love each part of
ourselves, to understand our own selves better.

Spiritual Awareness will never, truly be obtained without a
physical Conscious Awareness.

By learning to understand our thoughts, emotions and actions
more clearly, we automatically grow more spiritually aware.

For example: What are you thinking right now? Why? What
provoked that thought to arise?

What are you feeling right now? Why? What thought provoked
that emotion?

The trick is to keep answering the question of Why until you
get down to the lowest common denominator. It will always be

If your answer to Why does not end with you, then keep asking
why. Why are you allowing others to make you think, feel or act in any specific manner?

My first title, "A Journey In to Divine Love" provides you
with an extensive background on what spurred my journey, the issues that I had to work through in the beginning to get to where I am today. It includes the first 5 meditations that are specifically designed to open your heart center, bridge the gap between your mind and your heart, and to heal your body, mind and spirit.

The Second title, "The Ultimate Law of the Creator," provides
you with a no-fail, no-nonsense, step by step guide to help you to begin to understand your every thought, emotion and action. It provides a bit of history into religion and why we have it. How to be a conscious parent/teacher or guardian. How, by using the Ultimate Law, to have better and more fulfilling relationships. It even covers a bit of 'largely unknown' history of the beginnings of our country and what we can do as citizens to make this country a living Utopia and highly respected example for other countries.

This title is not designed to give you all of the information,
but to teach you how to think for yourself, how to discern truth from

It also provides many more meditations for many different
purposes from a simple energy clearing after a hard day of work, to emotional and physical healing, to helping to alleviate grief after the loss of a loved one.

By working through the materials provided, you should be well
on your way to self realization that you never knew you needed, to healing the world around you with nothing more than the love that you carry within you and to set this country on a path to great enlightenment like no other!

Yes, even you, a common Joe Somebody, can help to bring about a
global enlightenment and healing that would inspire even the most enlightened of beings!

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