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A Creative Imagination: Poetry by, Duane Morgan

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What is Poetry, a Creative Imagination, some magical words of wisdom or ramblings of a crazy individual? I call them "Random Thoughts and mix that with a Creative Imagination", this is what you come up with, only you can decide which it is.
As you will soon see, I like fun and whimsical poetry, mostly about life experiences, as well as words from the heart. Hopefully it will make you laugh, or cry, smile or who knows?
Maybe something in this book will inspire you or someone you know, to try something they have always dreamed of doing, but were afraid to do. My Poetry, was always a personal thing shared only with my family and friends, so putting it in a book for all to see was difficult for me.
Most of my Poems were written while in the field, waiting on Mother Nature to share her beauty and light, while creating our photography. As you may know, my wife Elaine and I are professional photographers for “Eclectic Image Galleries. .
I can’t sing or dance but, I do mix rhythm with my ”Creative Imagination”, that’s what I call “Poetry”.

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