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Procyx: Worlds End

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Procyx...the primitive elder race of the Mhyrnians called it. It meant simply the End Star. Procyx appeared at the edge of the Galaxy, just as ancient Mhyrnian texts had predicted. To scientists it was a fascinating anomaly, for it seemed to be a star that shone in only one color--a single frequency of pure, blue light.

But then nearby worlds began to crumble, spinning into fiery deaths while their suns exploded or smothered out in a dreadful finality called hypermotility. The Mhyrnians had predicted this too. Their legends claimed that Procyx might spell not only the end of every star and planet in the galaxy, but an inescapable doom for the entire universe.

Humanity's only hope lay in the Vanguards, mythical vessels of irresistible power. Yet it seemed these wondrous ships of light were only myths. Meanwhile, centuries passed. More and more star systems died and nothing could be done to stop the spread of Procyx's cancerous ruin. Unless the Mhyrnians had an answer for this to...

FOREWARD by Jeff Wheeler
Author of The Legends of Muirwood Trilogy & Whispers from Mirrowen Trilogy

Ten years ago, I first held a print copy of PROCYX in my hand and it is still on my bookshelf. I have been a fan of this story and the galaxies discovered here for over twenty years, but in 2004 I helped the first print version of this book come to light as part of Deep Magic: the E-zine of High Fantasy and Science Fiction.

I am thrilled that PROCYX is once-again available to readers. It is an epic story of good versus evil in a universe crumbling to the mysterious phenomenon of hypermotility—a force which randomly causes planets to self-destruct. When I first read the manuscript, I was gripped and pulled along on a tale full of science, faith, and intergalactic ambitions. Does an ancient religion in a far-off planet in the Persepolis sector hold the key to understanding and ending the world-crushing epidemic?
I’ve been a fan of O.R. Savage’s works for over twenty years since I first listened to some radio shows set in this intriguing universe. I’m delighted to welcome you inside their imagination.

Jeff Wheeler


Let's be honest, everyone-my enthusiasm is well-deserved. I absolutely loved the novel. The characters and world(s) are fascinating. I had it read to me, but that made the trip even better!

Procyx as a whole: I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. . .enough said? Not even close. The pictures were great.... I could see that a lot of time was put into them. The ending was very good; [it] didn’t seem rushed like most long books that give the impression that the writer decided it was long enough and time to end it, and they do. The climax of Procyx was a steady buildup from the first page of the book to the last. When it was finally over, it made me sit back and sigh, wow...what a story. I can’t wait for it to come out in hard copy.

I had no trouble connecting with the characters, their less than perfect personalities, their all too common frailties just like the rest of us, made them all the more believable. None of them were too beautiful, or too smart, or too nice, or anything less than realistic. The dialogue was very believable and more than once I actually laughed out loud and found myself wiping a tear away. I love science fiction and it's rare that you find a story so compelling, one that draws you in so effortlessly and involves you, the reader with such finess. [finesse or fineness].

l thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and will be among the first to purchase it in hard copy when it is finally released. As an aspiring writer, I looked for flaws, weaknesses, excessive descriptions, but honestly I was so deeply involved with the story that was unfolding before me that I stopped looking.

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