Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the U.S. Dollar
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WARNING: Do not buy this book unless you "get it". I will not try to convince you that it's going to happen, I don't have time. This book is less about why the Dollar will collapse than about what everyday people, like you and I, can do to prepare themselves for the collapse.If you are like me, you don't have extra money to be investing in gold coins or precious metals. You know that utilities will according to the President, "necessarily skyrocket". How will you handle an electric bill that is four times what it is now?

I've read other books on Quantitative Easing, the Collapse of the Dollar and other Economic Meltdowns coming our way. I'm left with the burning question at the end of them all. "What can I do about it?" We've been trained to believe that all we can do is vote fiscally responsible every 2, 4 or 6 years. But voting isn't going to put food on the table. Half the time, the ones we vote for end up turning into the ones we voted against.

You've seen gas prices in just the last month increase by more than 40 cents a gallon and there is no end in sight to the increase. How will you continue to pay for that?

You don't have the funds to build a windmill or stock up on a year's worth of food in preparation for a food shortage. This book will show you how to do it for far less.

How will you get food? How will you preserve it for use with or without electricity? How will you get limited electricity? How will you provide for your family when the dollar is worthless? This book answers those questions and more so that even those who are financially strapped can take the small steps necessary to begin.

The cost of this book is kept intentionally low so that anyone can afford it. Some of the author's proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward establishing a food bank so that God and Country Christian ministries in St. Cloud Florida can help in providing for families in need.

Published: David Roberts on
ISBN: 9781452423296
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