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Third Day Sons

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The ultimate plan for man is to be resurrected and restored into newness of life. The purpose of resurrection is for the restoration of man to become the Image Christ--Perfect.

The Sons reach the goal of perfection through obedience to the Laws of G-D and having the Testimony of Christ. YHVH's faithfulness is to reveal the perfect integrity of the Image, Likeness and Namesake. The purpose for mankind will forever remain the same. That is a total restoration back into the Image and Likeness of the Creator.

What does this mean? It means that the original purpose for man is that man would be as gods. G-D's original design for creation was to reflect His glory in man and the world through Christhood providing a means of restoration of man back into the Image of I AM.

It also means that because of the perfect work at the Cross,inaugurated the Apostolic Order--the Fivefold Ministry. G-D makes His ministers Flames of Fire. He established the earth and He “Laid the foundations that they would not totter, forever.”

These Foundations are priests of a royal household; workers of a high rank. These are ministers after the order of Melchizedek, cauterized by the flames of Divine Sarificial love having come to full stature or perfection (Teleios), they form a singular mission, which is to build a Body with many Nations. These will become known as they "who overcomes.--'The Third Day Sons.'"

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