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Tietze's Syndrome Breakthrough

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What you will discover in this book:

•What your doctor never told you about Tietze’s syndrome: no more complicated doctor talk. I break the symptoms, the disease, and what causes it down for you in layman’s terms. I will explain to you exactly what Tietze’s syndrome is and exactly what your body is going through right now. You will gain a complete understanding of what you is experiencing, and from now on, when you talk to your will know exactly what he is talking about so that you can make a more informed decision about your health.

•Which type of Tietze’s syndrome related disorder do you have? In this section, I will walk you through each specific type of Tietze’s syndrome so that you can narrow down the core issues you are facing and the risks involved.

•Did you know there are 6 main symptoms? Find out what they are.

•Skip all the expensive and painful tests: sick of shelling out for expensive tests that you can’t afford and trying medications that don’t relieve the pain? Don’t waste hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on useless (and sometimes painful) tests that don't even give very accurate results. Many doctors will start out with the most inaccurate tests and then work their way up to the most accurate to milk as much money out of you as they can. Did you know that doctors frequently own shares in radiology businesses? Every time they sent a patient for an x-ray, MRI, or CT-scan, they get a cut.

This isn't helping you and all it's doing for you is sucking money out of your bank account. Here I will reveal each tests and the accuracy so that you can cut to the chase and find out once and for all if you have Tietze’s syndrome and what stage your disease is at.

•Discover the truth about treatments and success rates: why waste your money and time bouncing around from treatment to treatment? Now, you can discover the Top 5 prescribed treatments, the success rates of these treatments, the side effects and the risks involved. No more guesswork. Discover what treatment will work best for you so that you can begin seeing results instead of simply throwing good money after bad. Is surgery the answer? It's not for everyone. Here you will discover the pros, cons, and the risks involved.

The truth about Ibuprofen. Due to the overwhelming concern from Tietze’s syndrome patients, I've written an entire section on this drug including:, what to expect for the first week to 10days when you are taking this drug. This of course includes the risks, and side effects. Plus, 5 things (that don't cost anything) you can do right now to give yourself comfort and ease your suffering and 5 Natural Treatments Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About:

This first remedy is proven to be extremely effective when battling costal cartilage problems that may result from Tietze syndrome. It’s a technique that has proven to be successful with some stroke patients in regaining use of paralyzed muscles. But that's not all. It is also effective when treating localized pain, radiating pain, and stress-related symptoms from chronic pain.

This remedy is mostly used for reducing chronic pain in terminal diseases. However, unknown to most, recent studies have shown that this remedy has become even more effective for treating actual inflammation of the costal cartilage, which is one of the main problems that may arise from Tietze’s syndrome.

Based on clinical studies, this next remedy is widely used by chiropractors and physicians treating post-surgical pain. This therapy is inexpensive and stimulates endorphins as well as decrease pain.

This Asian treatment for Tietze’s syndrome is becoming more popular in the United States. While it is not known how this treatment works, most people undergoing this particular therapy report significant improvements in pain relief.

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