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The Temple Grandin Autism Effect

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Temple Grandin has had a long lasting impact on the Autism Community. She is by far the most famous person living with Autism. While there are many positive factors to her legacy there are also some hidden negative impacts on how her legacy has affected autism. This book explores some of those hidden negative impacts her legacy has had on the future of your autistic child. This book will help you prepare to face some of those negative impacts and ideally overcome them before it is too late for your child. Being educated and prepared as parents is the most important thing you can do for your child. The next most important thing is learning that Autism is not "Temple Grandin." Dr. Grandin is a woman living with Autism just like your son or daughter is a person living with Autism. This book will open your eyes to some issues that we as an Autism community are faced with now and in the future because of the legacy Temple Grandin has left behind.

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