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Immortal Syn

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The freshest competitor in the rejuvenation arena is a clandestine syndicate breeding a rare, subterranean, African moth carrying a catalyst capable of biologically mutating one in ten thousand humans, creating a long-lived race of physically superior humans called nocturnals who sacrifice their daylight to feed upon the life energy of the people around them. In the United States, Prohibition returns in 2021 as moth bosses breed and deal the fragile insects, and energy bootleggers steal and distribute the life energy of innocents. The President commissions a special task force attached to the FDA, the Nocturnal Regulations Bureau, in an effort to stem the tide of lawlessness and death.
Thorne Templeton, whose family was murdered by members of this new, immortal syndicate, leads the offensive with his team of Regulators, unearthing leads from gritty streets to the Art Deco nightclubs of Tacoma, Washington. He is bringing his battle to an immortal entity willing to expend firepower and countless human lives to destroy the Regulators and deliver him to hell.
But Thorne was destroyed years earlier. And the Regulators have already seen hell.
All they want is to share the pain

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