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Blind Love

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When Owen and Nate are introduced in a bar one night, neither of them have any idea of the impact the other will have on their lives.
Nate, shy, reticent and blind, finds it difficult to trust Owen with his secrets, but after the two become roommates their relationship blossoms into more than either of them could have ever expected.

Nathan would probably be about six feet tall when standing. He had thick, wavy, dark brown hair, a slim build, a smiling mouth and the most beautiful eyes Owen had ever seen. They were chocolate brown, and very expressive. They seemed to twinkle constantly.
“I’ve told you before not to talk to strangers about me.”
Nate’s soft, musical voice made Owen start, and he realised he’d been so absorbed in watching Nate, he hadn’t realised the other man had moved from the booth to come and stand with Penny.
He could detect the anger in the man’s voice, and blushed again.
A gorgeous golden retriever was stood by Nate’s side, wearing the customary ‘Guide Dog at Work’ tabard.

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