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Unknown Gods

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Even a 700-year-old perfected divine society, fiercely devoted to utopian principles, can get bitch-slapped while dealing with massive, unexpected chaos.
Unknown Gods is a story of an eclectic group of divine beings learning to cope with the unexpected. It will leave the reader pondering:
Does this society exist now, in Earth’s future or in a parallel universe?
Could any of this really be happening on Earth right now?
All aspects of life in this society are directed and controlled by the clandestine, benevolent Council of Seven. The most evolved individuals on “the planet”, they possess powers beyond the imagination of most ordinary citizens. The revered Education Minister, Samiin, is a master of energy who teleports, engages in thought transfer, erases other people’s memories, tracks neural pathways in individual brains and lives in full control of her energetic resources. Her abilities have long been second nature to her. She is a confident, steady Council member until unusual events begin speeding her beloved City into massive and revolutionary change that will affect all aspects of her utopian society. Samiin has to deal with emotions and stresses she has never experienced before.
Who can Samiin trust now that she has learned she must distrust someone close to her? How can she grasp deception when she never before experienced it? Can she adapt quickly enough to deal with massive, unexpected upheaval that creeps then blasts its way into her life? What will become of her people?

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