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Vreni and The Secret at Hengist Point

313 pages5 hours


In this romantic adventure story David Greason Walker applauds youth, life, love, adventure and the wide landscapes that are far beyond the restrictions of a cosy fireside. The story explores the twilight world between youth and adulthood, with its mixture of idealism, love, realism and sheer caprice.

When Carl Hafod first meets Vreni outside a busy pub on a cold, snow-blown winter’s day, he is totally unaware of the new direction his life will follow; including the discovery of a hoard of Nazi gold and how the gold has political implications that have remained buried in secrecy since World War Two. The story revolves not only around Carl and Vreni, and Carl's business interests in Fiji, but also around the lives of six other closely knit students. How they become victims of the ever increasing value of the gold. The final decisions they make and the all-encompassing passion Carl feels for Vreni and her abject beauty.

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