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Talk Lover

Length: 312 pages5 hours


Cari Davis feels like a fraud, a “damaged little dumb girl” from a small town in Wisconsin, hired by default as a radio talk show host in a much bigger city. In her new job, Cari is directly competing with a nationally known radio personality and drowning in advice from experts and colleagues.

But Cari needs to do things her own way. She ignores her seasoned mentors, and manages to push aside her mangled self-esteem to create a fun and meaningful oasis for “women who have brains and aren’t afraid to use them.” Cari’s on-air persona is brash and crusading, but also funny, sensitive and seductive. Off the air, she is prone to “blanking out” for hours at a time. Cari also is compulsive and famished for love and attention. In fact, it is a casual liaison with one of her guests that thrusts her to the center of a criminal enterprise that puts her in grave danger.

Facing the biggest challenge ever, Cari’s patched-up, wired-together emotional walls begin to crack and crumble around her. Saving her career, and her life, depend on one simple choice—will she yield to the voices from her past and push away everyone trying to help? Or will she talk herself into trusting again?

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