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The Staff of Xandra

Length: 135 pages1 hour


Trygor had been at peace for thousands of years. The days of the Dark Children long past. But times were changing. An increase in Skegg raiding parties, hundreds of miles from their home lands, forced the Changelings to act. Kaleb, a human who had mastered the madness, and Shen, a Changeling unusual among her race, had been defending villages and seeking the reason for these attacks for over a year. This search was abruptly ended when Shen received news from her Settlement of something terrible that had happened. The result of which starts Kaleb on a journey to not only stop the release of the Dark children once more, but to discover the power within him to become one of the Trygor Legends.

The Staff of Xandra is Book 1 in The Trygor Legends 6 book series.

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