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What Happens in Vegas (a male dominant billionaire erotica)

50 pages38 minutes


Rachel isn't from glamorous but vice-ridden Las Vegas. She's from its less sexy cousin, Henderson, the Mormon enclave on the east side of the valley. It's only natural that, now she's twenty-one, she should want to experience a little of what the casinos have to offer and get away from her conservative upbringing. But she didn't anticipate that her interview to be a cocktail waitress would turn into an ordeal of humiliation where five businessmen force her to fellate the slot machine lever, strike her ass with a belt, and finally ejaculate into her long, beautiful hair.

Fortunately, Rachel has a savior from this degrading treatment. Hugh, the handsome billionaire owner of the casino, rescues her and treats her right. But when Tricia, another mistreated girl he's trying to help, has her own ideas, Rachel may end up going much farther than she thought. Tricia initiates foreplay in Hugh's penthouse Jacuzzi, but when she passes out, it's Rachel who is left wondering whether to go all the way with the wealthy man...and lose her virginity in the process. This 9200-word erotica contains BDSM, humiliation, multiple men on one woman, male dominants, lesbian or bisexual foreplay, threesome foreplay, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and virgin sex.

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