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Our Dual Citizenship

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David Steven Roberts, Best Selling author of “Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar” has written a new book. “Our Dual Citizenship” explores the Christian’s citizenship in God’s Kingdom and in America. For too long, Christians have been passive in regard to the direction that America has taken. Churches feared to mention or study the Godly Foundations of America and the Godly Founders of the country as being too ‘political’ of an issue.

Today, America is at a crossroads where in one direction is a godless Socialist agenda and in the other is the restoration and return to the principles that guided the founders and authors of the Constitution.

Today, the Church is at a crossroads where in one direction lies the emphasis on Social Justice as Gospel and the other is the return to the principles written by the authors of the Scriptures. “Our Dual Citizenship” is a book that can be used in individual study or in a group setting as Bible study material.

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