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Double Occupancy

Double Occupancy

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Double Occupancy

2.5/5 (2 ratings)
192 pages
3 hours
Jul 30, 2011


Meet Casey Reynolds - she is NOT thin, petite, clueless, virginal or submissive.

Which is exactly why Travis Craig wanted to 'kick down her door and throw her on that bed.'

Read the couple that reviewers have said: "their witty banter will have you laughing but their hot and steamy moments will have you begging for more."

"a book with solid characters & lots of humor" "amazing read, I wish it was longer."

No BDSM! Meet the Keurig killer who makes one tough alpha male go down on his knees and a few other positions as well!

All Casey Reynolds wanted was peace and quiet and a long vacation from covering the crime beat in Boston. That's why she agreed to borrowing a villa in Mexico to rest, be alone and work on her novel.

But then he showed up -- Travis Craig. He said he was offered the villa to recover from a serious illness. He had just lost his teaching job and had no money to leave.

She agreed with his plan to share the house -- but on her terms. Soon rest and relaxation were a thing of the past when their double occupancy proved too erotic to control.

Jul 30, 2011

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Double Occupancy - Elaine Raco Chase


What the reviewers are saying about Elaine Raco Chase -

Just reading the summary of this book makes you really want to read it. I love that. I was hooked from the synopsis. I’ve read a couple books by Elaine Raco Chase and they were just as amazing as this one. She is a very talented author. This book is very well written and I love the details. This story is hilarious in some parts. Well written and clever. (Caught in a Trap)

It's not often I find a story with characters that are well rounded and realistic. I can recommend this story as one of the better written Indy books I've come across. (Double Occupancy – on FB's Top 50 books to read after FSOG for over 2 years!)

Wow! Just absolutely Wow! I read this book in one night, I was so taken by the characters. This book was beautifully written, and the characters are so easy to fall in love with. My heart melted in an instant and I giggled so much through this book. Amazing read! (Rules of the Game – Voted #1 Erotic Romance by Turning Pages)

"One of my must have's in any book is a plot - preferably one that has sharp-witted characters who are smart, independent and feel real. Elaine Raco Chase did not disappoint in creating the characters to exist within the world of design, architecture and luxury developments.

While there are two billion how-to articles on creating dialog that is both paced properly and sounds believable, Elaine has a book, full of dialog: fast paced, snarky, funny, businesslike, casual, even sexy. And it ALL sounds like a conversation you could overhear at any time, in many situations. That technique alone makes the book a worthwhile read - that it is combined and integrated into a tightly written, fast paced and sexy story makes this worth every one of the 5 stars." (Designing Woman)

I must admit that I hated Noah for the first part of the book. What he did was beyond rotten and I cried. Then I caught a clue that later turned into fact. I now love Noah and I loved him with Marlayna. Funny, sexy read and now I am spending all my money on more books by this author. (Lady be Bad)

A MUST READ!! Beautiful story about a girl who has been broken inside...or so she believes. I'm so glad I read this book. It was so moving! As you read this book you will laugh maybe even cry a little but you will find yourself falling in love with all the characters in this book! You will be pulled into the story as it captures not only your attention but your heart! (One Way or Another is a Classic Retro-Read and not updated)

"No Easy Way Out is a true Cinderella story!! Virginia is a highly intellectual woman with her Ph.D. She buries herself in her work and has no fun life at all! Her friends talk her into attending a masquerade ball and she meets Prince Charming who is dressed like a bandit and she is dressed like a sexy bunny! Well they have a very hot time on the balcony and when the clock strikes midnight she runs off in true Cinderella fashion! When she returns to work, you guessed it ...the bandit turns out to be one of her co-workers!! What follows is loaded with fun, trickery, love and lots and lots of laughs! (No Easy Way Out is a Classic Retro-Read – not updated)

"With a touch of sophistication, plenty of sizzling sex, and a liberal dose of humor, Special Delivery poses the age-old question: Is there such a thing as love at first sight? After reading Roxanne and Bram's story, I'm thinking there is."

Again, Elaine Raco Chase creates dialogue that repeatedly reinforces my belief that hers is some of the best I have read (or heard). There is humor, snark and gorgeous descriptions that place you in the wilds of Montana, with the never fail to amuse stops in the action. There is steam, there is swearing, and most of all - this is a feel good book that will have you laughing and smiling throughout. (Dare the Devil)

This book has a fantastic storyline about a strong business woman who is feeling unchallenged in her life choice. Her best friend wants to help in more ways than one! The author has an exceptional way with the written word and the characters are well described and very interesting. I enjoyed this book immensely and will read more by this author in the future. (Best Laid Plans)

What a hoot this story is as our heroine leads Daniel on a merry chase of is she or isn't she?" But, though our hero may be infatuated, his ability to see through Vixen/Victoria's façade is a little clearer than either of them anticipated. Video Vixen is a bird's-eye view of the workings behind the scenes of a daytime soap, and it has a very authentic feel, giving the whole story credibility. With a lot of humor and a touch of food for thought, Elaine Raco Chase has created an excellent read, especially for those who love a good soap opera. And don't we all?"

Many romances are based on: attraction/lust/something 'clicking' at first sight. And these two have it, in spades. Rob is very much like my teenager, instant 'love' of anyone and it the new girl in school or a Wii game. Fast, fractious, and then I'm hit with who? Loved the story, loved the well-defined characters, loved the teenager - it's such a dialogue heavy book it would make a great TV movie. (Calculated Risk)

Note: Unless marked as Retro-Reads...all eBooks have been updated! And all are available as audiobooks.

Double Occupancy


Elaine Raco Chase

Published by Elaine Raco Chase

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.  This eBook may not be re-sold or given away to other people.  If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with. 

If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should return and purchase your own copy.  Thank you for respecting the author’s work.

©2011 by Elaine Raco Chase  

All of the characters in this book are fictitious.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

Chapter 1

Matt Granger’s bleak gray eyes traveled from the neat computer e-Ticket in his left hand to the graffiti-covered plaster cast that covered his right foot and extended to the center of his thigh.  His firm lips twisted into a humorless grin at the mental image his mind evoked of being wheeled through five airline terminals trying to make plane connections, along with the fun TSA pat down, and, most probably, the dismantling of his borrowed wheelchair.  But all that was nothing compared to the one hundred fifty steps to the sea his Mexican villa afforded.

Matt exhaled and tossed the ticket carelessly onto the frayed brown blotter that protected his scratched metal desk.  His head lolled wearily against the threadbare fabric of his tan contour chair.  Sitting here, silently cursing his skiing prowess, was doing little to alleviate his frustration at canceling his winter vacation plans nor was it eliminating the growing stack of paperwork spilling out of his IN basket.  And, to be perfectly honest, he reminded himself bluntly, he had far too many decisions to make regarding the fate of his newspaper to have made relaxing in sunny Mexico a pleasure.

His ears once again registered the constant industrious hum coming from the city room of the Hub Annex.  Matt looked through the top of the clear glass partition, watching with proud, parental satisfaction the way his staff went about their duties in companionable rhythmic orchestration.

Slowly – overpowering the endlessly ringing telephones, surmounting the normal level of lungpower – two voices were exploding in anger.  It was Reynolds and Baker, standing eye-to-eye, nose to nose, arguing – again.  Lately, Matt reflected morosely, Reynolds had been arguing with everyone and everything.

The hand that was about to phone and cancel his airline reservation reached instead for the arm of his desk chair.  His long fingers curled tightly around the wooden head of the black metal cane that was anchored there. 

With the force of Thor hurling a mighty bolt of thunder, Matt slammed the cane against the corrugated aluminum bottom of his wall divider.  A menacing rumble vibrated through the city room.  For a brief moment in time, the voices, the printers, and even the telephones jolted into respectful silence.  Matt jerked his thumb sharply at the quarreling pair, his gray eyes watching as a sheepish Baker and a still defiant Reynolds paraded into his office.

What seems to be the cog in the Hub's wheel on this Friday morning?  Matt inquired dryly.

Reynolds thinks this story deserves front page attention.  I want to kick it inside,  Ted Baker explained hastily, his voice betraying the nervous quiver of a newly hired employee anxious to please a superior.

Our front page is Boston, not world events,  Casey Reynolds snapped irritably.  This is the last article in my series on physical and mental abuse.  It gets the front page,  she stated flatly.  Her emerald green eyes narrowed menacingly before leaving Ted Baker's handsome face to focus with piercing intensity on a framed copy of a headline announcing the attack on The World Trade Center that hung next to the headline of The Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Your first two articles did get front-page coverage,  Ted reminded her.  I just don't happen to feel your wrap-up story is that crucial.  And it can be cut by at least one paragraph.

Cut!  Casey rounded on him, her temper flaring like a tongue of fire.  She reached out and snatched the pages of copy from his hand.  This is a tight, polished piece.  Remember, Ted, you are editing a newspaper not radio copy.  Our stories don't have to fit in thirty seconds and be played between the latest Lady Gaga song and a hemorrhoid commercial.  Her voice was nasty and her eyes mocked him.  There is no way my story is going to be cut.  She informed both men in a low, deadly tone.

A mottled red blotch slowly crept up Ted's neck.  He brushed a fallen lock of sand-colored hair off his forehead and cleared his throat.  I realize I've only held the editor's job for two weeks, but I have worked in the news business for five years and I –

I've got you beat by seven years.  She interrupted with infantile sarcasm, perversely crossing her arms over her chest and tapping the toe of her boot.

All right, all right, that is quite enough!  Matt snapped.  Let me have the story, he extended his hand.

Casey glared resentfully at the blue pencil he picked up and watched him check her copy line by line.  Matt crossed out two words, transposed a phrase, and corrected three spelling errors before handing the pages back to Ted.  It's to be printed as written.  Front page, below the fold.

Ted cleared his throat; his tongue wet suddenly dry lips.  I see.  Perhaps Miss Reynolds should have been given the job of editing this newspaper.

Miss Reynolds turned down the editor's job,  Casey sneered, briefly savoring the momentary enjoyment of bursting his bubble.

Yes, Matt interjected, despite Casey's obviously childish ways, she has been here even longer than I have owned the paper.  He relaxed back into his chair and carefully readjusted his heavy plaster-coated leg that was propped on a side chair.

I...I didn't mean to –  Ted stammered self-consciously.

Matt smiled kindly at his new employee.  "Listen, Ted, editing radio copy is very different from editing newspaper copy.  We do allow more than the bare bones of a story and, since the Annex is a weekly, we want the paper to focus on Boston and its suburbs.  People get the national and international news on TV, the internet, and the dailies.  We want to go into depth on our local problems and concerns.  Casey's series does just that."

I wasn't disputing the importance of her series, Ted returned quickly.  I just felt her final article on verbal and emotional abuse was not as acute a problem as her child and elderly physical abuse articles.

You have no idea just how physically debilitated a person can become from other people's words and emotional pressures,  Casey remarked, her voice sounding hollow and cracked.

You might be right after all.  I certainly feel physically drained after arguing with you.  Ted grinned, hoping to lighten the atmosphere.

Why don't you have that copy redone and get some lunch.  We've got a directional meeting at two.  Matt reminded him, his alert gray eyes focusing on Casey's hunched shoulders and bowed head.

Actually,  Ted replied, I was going to ask Casey to bring me back some lunch.  We made a list and –

We?  Casey's head shot up.

Brian, Fred, Steve, Andy and I are staying in, it's snowing out there and –

And you decided to let good old Casey brave the below zero weather and bring back lunch,  she finished with saccharine sweetness.  Her eyes narrowed menacingly, and a coat of invisible armor stiffened her body.

Well, yes...we did...  Ted's voice trailed off lamely.  He ran a finger uncomfortably under the collar of his blue shirt.

Pushing herself out of the chair, she stalked over to him.  Her chin jutted out as she jabbed a long forefinger into his chest.  Would you like me to tell you where you can put your lunch list.  She hissed, drawing herself up to her full height to tower over him.  Not only won't I get lunch today, but I won't get lunch on any other day.  And you all can start getting your own damn coffee.  And if you don't like it, you can jump into the Charles River!

Casey, sit!  Matt ordered.  Ted, close the door on your way out.

Can you believe that?'  She gritted her teeth.  Send good old Casey out for lunch.  Have good old Casey make the coffee.  Let Casey do this, do that, do everything!  She stalked over to Matt's desk, seized a pencil from the holder, and pointed it at the bustling city room.  Things haven't changed around here in the last ten years,  she told Matt, whipping herself into a fine rage.  Everyone still thinks of me as the high school kid hired to be the office go-fer.  I'm the oldest piece of equipment in this place!"  Her long fingers easily snapped the pencil in half.  She threw it in the wastebasket and immediately grabbed up another.

Well, I am damn sick and tired of it.  And I'm tired of being a dumping ground for everyone's problems, too.  Who do they think I am, Dear Abby?  She growled resentfully.  "Do you know how many people on this paper owe me money.  If I did go and get lunch today, none of those guys would have paid, it

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