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Bred By the Succubus 3: The New Breed

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Stella volunteers to teach a new succubus how to breed her human female host, but when she meets the seductive Giselle, Stella can barely keep her hands, mouth, and body off the beautiful new succubus! Aflame with forbidden desire, Stella is pulled further into a web of lust, magical impregnations, and gender transformations. A steamy story with an explosive conclusion!



Stella lit another tall black taper candle, illuminating the room. “Dungeon” was far too inelegant a word for her breeding room — a chamber hidden beneath an abandoned ironworks factory in the industrial part of town, a place that radiated dangerous glamour. Inside the underground room, red silk and leather glistened, draped over hard-backed chairs and locked trunks. A fine Persian rug with thick, lush padding covered the concrete floor. A black Saint Andrew’s cross waited in one corner, its crossbeams bolted to the iron girders, and in the center of the room stood a wooden bench with a leather pad on top. The wood and the leather were both well oiled and glowed gently in the low light.

Stella wiped the fine sheen of sweat from her forehead. In deference to the special occasion, she was wearing a designer gown made of silk brocade, along with her usual bicep-length black satin gloves. The room was warm, and the dress had proven to be uncomfortably heavy. Luckily, she wouldn’t be wearing it long.

There was a knock at the door. Stella put the book of matches down and climbed the secret staircase. She pulled back the iron bar and swung the heavy door open.

A woman in a long wool coat and high-heeled boots stepped back from the doorway. “I’m Giselle,” she said. “We spoke on the phone?”

She had a slight accent — Mediterranean, perhaps — and the magnetic glamour common to all succubi, but her flustered manner and lack of confidence betrayed her inexperience. Stella cocked her head. Giselle had lovely dark hair and golden skin infused with a warm glow, and the way she stood in those spike heels told Stella that underneath her coat, Giselle’s body was inconceivably luscious. Her cock began to twitch and lengthen.

She shook off the thought. Two succubi together was a disgrace — a degradation to both.

“Come in,” Stella said. However, as they descended the staircase, Stella called behind her shoulder, “And take off your coat.”

Giselle stepped into the breeding room and nervously undid the buttons on her jacket. She slipped it off, revealing a smooth, narrow shoulder. Underneath, she wore a simple, albeit very short black dress that showed off the lace hem of her thigh-high stockings. The swish of her skirt showed no full bulge or tip of a swinging cock. Stella frowned.

“I didn’t know what to wear to a thing like this,” Giselle said. “Is this okay?”

“You haven’t sprouted yet?” Stella said. “Did you get seven men’s seed?”

Giselle fumbled with the hem of her stocking. “I thought I’d never get there,” she said. “I never knew how hard it was to charm a strange man into fucking a woman without a condom. But yes, I did — and I feel... different. Weird. Like there’s electricity under my skin.”

Stella knew exactly the sensation Giselle described. A slight shiver ran beneath her own skin. Across the room, Stella’s cell phone chirped.

“I think our breeding bitch is here,” Stella said, with relief. “Let me get the door.”

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