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Starship Victory: The Fairer Sex: Starship Victory, #2

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Lieutenant Colonel Elorg is annoyed.

Holding a security cordon around a planet with a terrifying plague is bad enough, but why won't anybody listen to him? He is the second in command of the Starship Victory, after all. Why is the rest of the crew so certain that they'll find a quick and easy solution and be off for the next adventure within an hour? So Elorg is less than surprised when the plague escapes the planet and gets loose on the ship.

But there's a reason the crew isn't too scared. Most space diseases melt you, burst you into flame, de-evolve you into a gorilla or something. The only effect this disease has is that it turns you into a woman. Security Chief Hayes is already a woman, so she has no worries. Engineering Chief Golem is a robot and thus immune. But then that's another problem Elorg has. He's a cyborg and if his DNA changes too much his implants will reject him.

Soon he only has that mythical forty minutes in which to solve the problem, cure the disease and escape on his next adventure. Can he manage it? Or is the Starship Victory doomed with the curse of womanhood?

Find out in the second episode of the Starship Victory saga!

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