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Honky Tonk Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #19

205 pages3 hours


Penny receives an early morning phone call from a cousin who says her husband was murdered in Las Vegas just before the Country Music Award show that was being presented in town. The dead cousin was a country singer who's songs were climbing up the charts and Jim takes the case to find the killer. Things get complicated when Jim and Penny find that the dead cousin was supposedly married to two women and his recording company was doing some double dealing on his fame. They agree to take the body of the dead singer back home to Arizona and while in the town they find more suspicious things going on. Back in Vegas, Lynn and Deacon have gone separate ways on the job, since their professional relationship was a strain on their personal lives. Life is tough for crime fighters, but Penny and Jim know their relationship is solid. Will Jim have to chase down more country singers at the big yearly award show in his quest to track a killer of a man who was driving a pick-up truck, married to two women and only the dog is missing from this country song.

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