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Castle of Dreams

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Normans invaded Wales in A.D. 1085. To escape their ravages and a forced marriage to a brutal man, Branwen fled from her conquered family home of Afoncaer into England. She returned years later with Meredith, the Saxon girl she had raised as her own.

Through the years Reynaud, the architect of Afoncaer, kept a detailed record of the passions, the quarrels, the dark secrets, and the lasting loves of the people who inhabited the great river fortress.

Guy was sent to Afoncaer in 1103, to build a stone castle on the ruined site. He brought with him his sister-in-law, the frivolous Isabel, her son Thomas, and Sir Walter fitz Alan, whom Guy considered his dearest friend.

Isabel had her own plans. She hated Guy and despised Afoncaer. It took an unforgivable betrayal before Guy finally realized the truth of Thomas’s parentage.

And only after punishing the villains in the affair was Guy able to claim Meredith, the lovely maiden who had captured his heart, and make her his lady.

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