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The Nephele Ship: Volume One - The Frozen Workshop (A Steampunk Adventure)

117 pages1 hour


Volume One of The Nephele Ship series!

After a catastrophe that covered half the world in inhospitable ice, a team of treasure hunters finds a lead about a mysterious workshop said to contain miraculous and wondrous inventions that could be worth fortunes.

When the rival guild of archaeologists known as Antimony Eye turns their attention on the same workshop and will do anything it takes to get there first, Captain Austin Strallahan and his crew must think quickly and act even quicker to assure their arrival at the workshop before the Eyes, who seem to know something more about this stash than the captain does...

Will the Nephele Ship reach the treasure in time?

Praise for The Nephele Ship:

"Recommended by a friend. I’ve never really delved into the whole steampunk genre, but if this is any indication I’ll gladly read more. I thought the book had good, sharp writing. You know, it wasn’t just text, the author actually had a voice. The story moved at a good pace with well- paced action scenes. I loved the world created with the mix of old and new. It was a quick, fun read. I look forward to the next edition. Just like from my friend to me, it’s a recommend from me to you."

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