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College Library

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It was almost midnight on a Friday, but the last few students hadn’t left the Simpson College library yet. Chad Tucker, bored out of his mind, sat perched on the high stool behind the check-out desk, waiting for the clock’s hands to seep upward so he could go through the building and kick out the last few stragglers—but even then he wouldn’t be able to go get the fuck out of here and hit the bar. His work study supervisor had asked him to stay late because there was a problem with the electrical system—the library had been built in 1902, and its wiring had never been intended to deal with a computerized book filing system, not to mention 500 lap tops all plugged into it at once. There had already been two blackouts in the building this week, and the school had called an electrician to come and evaluate the problem after the library was closed and most of the systems would be off.
“Shit,” Chad mumbled. The bars closed at 2 a.m.; he’d probably still be here trailing some fat bastard around the building, holding a flashlight and trying to avoid looking at the guy’s butt-crack every time the old fart bent over.
The clock finally ticked up to midnight, and Chad flicked the lights off and on before walking through the building, checking each study area and the stacks for any stragglers. The last few geeks gathered up their physics books and left, and Chad turned the key in the lock with a sigh of relief. He headed to the cart full of books waiting to be returned. He might as well put a few away while he waited for the electrician to arrive. He gathered up an armful and took the stairs to the second floor on a run, his toned, muscled legs easily carrying him up the stairs. He was going out for track next Spring, and the one good thing about this job was the workout he got by carrying every book up the stairs to the second floor stacks instead of using the elevator. He shelved the books and pounded back down the stairs for another armload. Just as he reached the main floor, however, he heard a knocking at the doors, so he tossed back the silky brown hair that was always falling in his eyes and turned to walk over to the doors and let in....
The electrician?

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