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Darkness of Her Soul

Length: 364 pages4 hours


Lesbian / Crime / Thriller
NC17 NOT erotica genre, but contains explicit scenes and strong language.

Diane turns into a serial killer to revenge losing her childhood and her father. She kills butch women with short spikey blonde hair and in their fifties. She prowls the gay clubs and pubs at night in search of the right one. After she finds her prey, she takes her to a nearby hotel and gives the woman a time in bed to die for. She meets Laura, the butch policewoman, who tries to track the serial killer down. She falls in love with her and flees from Pretoria. Diane leaves everything behind, except her memories. Will she be able to start a new life elsewhere? Will she get rid of her bad memories and takes control over her life again?
Most importantly, will Captain Gooding and her team catch her before she kills again?
Word count approx.: 69 456

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