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Small Steps to Healthy Eating: Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Feel Better Eating the Foods You Love

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Lose Weight - Get More Energy - Look and Feel Better

No radical changes, no throwing away half the food in your cupboards, no sugar withdrawal!

Instead of punishing yourself with a restrictive diet plan, you can eat healthier by starting with the foods you already love and making small, simple adjustments toward a healthier diet.

You'll learn:

* The simple technique that makes the food you're already eating more nutritious, and can reduce how many calories you eat by up to 10%

* Tricks for sneaking more fruits and vegetables into your diet

* How to train your taste buds to like healthy foods

* Suggestions for treating your vegephobia

* How your cell phone can make you a healthier eater

You'll also discover mental techniques for building willpower and staying motivated, behavioral techniques that make eating healthy easier, and lots of ways to eat well without sacrificing flavor.

Whether you want to lose weight, boost your energy, or just feel better in general, improving your diet is the way to go.

Small Steps to Healthy Eating will help you create a flexible, personalized plan to gently ease yourself into healthier eating habits.

Buy it now and discover the stress-free path to healthy eating!

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