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Judge Jessica Kirkland and Detective Doug McGuire clashed every chance they got, from the courtroom to the evening news, but ultimately they were after the same things—justice and each other. But they had every reason to ignore the passion singeing the air between them, tempting them to cross the line and risk it all….

Until someone started taking the law into his own hands, meting out punishment in the form of murder. Now the lady judge and the rugged detective had two new assignments: Stop the vigilante killer before it was too late…and keep from imprisoning each other's hearts.

Published: Harlequin on
ISBN: 9781426882760
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From The Editors

We have made a few corrections and clarifications to the online version of our July/August story “My Prison Experiment.” We misidentified the impetus for and findings of an FBI investigation into the management of the Idaho Correctional Center (ICC) by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA); the relevant sentence has been corrected in the online version. We also clarified a passage about a memorandum that pointed to a high level of violence at ICC in August 2008, noting that a later analysis found that over the first eight months of 2008, violence there was not disproportionate compared with