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Dreams And Visions, Unlocking the Language of God

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Christian dream interpretation book. Learn how God speaks in your dreams! This book is full of great information on how to unlock the language of God in your dreams. You will get in your fingertips over 400 dream symbols in our dream symbol dictionary, all backed up by the bible!

God's voice in your life is also in your dreams! If you do not understand your dreams you could miss out on your destiny and calling that God has for you!

With this book understand more of the following: Nightmares, soul realm dreams, visions, making big decisions from your dreams, how to tell if a dream is from God, How to understand symbolism, and so much more! Also included is over 60 dream examples with their interpretation and their fulfillment! So you will get to see how the dreams came to pass! If you are missing God's voice in your dreams, then you are missing out on so much!

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