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Larry the Horrible Time Traveler

Length: 248 pages3 hours


Larry doesn’t know he’s a time traveler, but that doesn’t stop him. Stumbling through time and space, under the power of special tacos and sheer chutzpah, Larry’s pretty sure there’s a great party right around the next corner. What’s in front of him is another story. From high seas kidnapping, to gangs of velociraptor time smugglers, to the robotic legions of the Grand Cyberian Imperium, Larry takes it all in stride. He knows that other dude he keeps running into has got his back.

That other dude, call him Ishmael, is a seasoned time traveler and expert in the subtle art of chronochaching. Ishmael knows how delicate the balance of the continuum truly is and what kind of consequences are in store for those who tip it. When he meets Larry in that waterfront saloon in 1885, he knows he should walk away, but he can’t. Larry just might be dumb enough to accidently destroy the universe.

Inexorably bound to the clueless grunge-head from 1994, Ishmael must steer Larry clear of the sorts of cosmological close calls that keep theoretical physicists up at night. Larry, on the other hand, is just looking for a beer, a taco and a hot chick to share it with.

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